A dream is a goal glimmering in the distance; it is an inner calling which, when accomplished, serves as the rite of passage into wisdom."
Erden Eruç


Around-n-Over was established to honor the legacy of fallen adventurers. We are in the business of realizing dreams and helping others achieve theirs. Our mission is to educate and to inspire through human powered journeys.

We want to engage children and adults alike. We are showing that dreams can come true with due diligence and that challenges in life can be opportunities to reach for greater goals.

Our goals

  • To inspire and to inform young people by developing educational activities based on the realities of human powered exploration and adventure, including, but not limited to, geography, mathematics, natural science, physical fitness and social studies
  • To inspire and to instill the values of selflessness, sacrifice and perseverance in young people so that they might develop into good citizens, and stewards of this earth
  • To assist poor communities in their struggle towards self-sufficiency by providing basic educational aid and resources, know-how and facilities


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